Hamilton Beach Two-Way Coffee Brewer Review

A Versatile Machine

As of this writing, I have owned this Hamilton Beach Coffee Brewer for three years and it is like having two coffee makers in one! One of its best features is that it allows me to brew from one to twelve cups of coffee into a regular mug, travel cup, or the included glass carafe. I can choose from the regular setting or the bold, use premeasured coffee pods or freshly ground coffee beans.

I can even set a timer to have my coffee ready for me when I wake up; how cool is that? (Or should I say, “hot”?) Read More

How is Espresso Different from Coffee?

Espresso originated in Italy around 1940-45 where they used mostly dark roasted beans but it can be made with any type of coffee bean at any level of roast. All espresso is coffee but not all coffee is espresso, which is set apart by its brewing process. Most coffee is brewed by allowing hot water to flow through ground coffee but espresso uses very high pressure to force the hot water (88°-93°C or 190°-200°F)  through finely ground coffee that has been packed into cakes. Read More